Freediving emotionsPrivate Class

  • Duration: 6 ore
  • Group: 2 people
  • Max depth: 30 meters
Private Class

Overall Descriprion & Highlights

Don’t miss the ultimate private class with Antonio. Engulf yourself in the thrill of the underwater world and witness the vast array of marine life in the depths of the Mediterranean waters. Antonio will join you on board of your private Yacht equipped with all you need to have a once-in-a-lifetime freediving experience. The instructor will walk you through the art of freediving - teaching you relaxation, breathing and equalisation techniques. You will have the opportunity to free dive and explore your deeper self through an all customised experience tailored to the needs of your body and mind. Indulge in an extraordinary adventure, embarking on a journey of discovery with Capri Freediving. 

Session schedule

  • 9:00 AM Welcome Meeting

    Antonio will make the check in phase extreamly easy for you so that you could start your session as peacefully and relaxed as possible 

  • 9:15 AM Breathing and Relaxation Session

    Here you will start the real journey of freediving. Antonio will guide you through a series of exercises of breathing and relaxation which will make you easily predisposed for the practice of freediving 

  • 10:30 AM Freediving in the blue

    Now it's time to free dive! After the relaxation session the strongest connection between your body and mind is established! You will be amazed on how the revealing and astounding freediving can be.

  • 12:30 PM Lunch Break

    Il will be essebtial to take a quick lunch break thet will ensure you the right nutrients for the activity of freediving. Antonio will be able to provide with useful tips on what to eat during the session.

  • 1:15 PM Static Apnea

    Here is the moment to discover more about your mindfullness. The practice of static Apnea gives you the sensitivity of communicating more clearly with your mind. Antonio will provide you with tips and practical examples on how to fully listen and learn from you inner emotions

  • 2:30 PM Final Debriefing

    Antonio will provide you with a final debrief about your private session and analyse with you what you have accomplished during the day. This final step will be extreamly helpful to understand what to improve during future trainings 

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